Our tennis program cater for all ages.  It involves instruction of all the strokes, drills, hand-eye co ordination, development and games relevant to each groups ability level and playing experience.
Learn tennis skills, techniques and improve fitness with lots of fun games and drills in a safe learning environment
Each Tennis Ace group lesson consists:
  • 1 hour sessions per week for Group Sessions
  • $16 per lesson paid per school term
  • Lessons available between 4pm - 10pm on weekdays and 7am to 7pm on Saturday
  • improve and train in a safe learning environment
Call us on 0412 127 068 to find out more.


To talk to James about coaching or court hire,
please contact 0412127068 for more information.

Court Locations
60 Hillcrest Avenue,
Hurstville, Sydney

7A Denman Street,
Hurstville, Sydney

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